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Santana 22 Parts Catalog


Description Price
Aluminum Bridge (B.A.)
 Fastenings for bridge
Barney Post
Barney Post Hardware (2:1/4:1 system)
Gooseneck - 3 piece complete (B.A.) view photo
Gooseneck Slide (B.A.)
Gooseneck Tack Fitting (B.A.)
Gooseneck Toggle (B.A.)
Gunnel Rubber view details
Gunnel Rubber End Cap (black nylon)
Keel Bolts (316 stainless steel)
Lifting Eyes
Lifting Sling
Mast Jack
Mast Tang
Mast Step -Tabernacle with mast step plate
Mast Step Plate (stainless steel) view photo
Rudder (older boats must have a 1" reducer welded to the rudder stock - add $130.00)
Sheaves, Replacement - Masthead
1 1/4" Spreader Assembly Complete
1 1/4" Spreader Bracket (Set of 2)
1 1/4" Spreader
1 1/4" Spreader Tip (non-corroding Delrin™ plastic)
Windows - (Please inquire)  

Standing Rigging (machine swedged with heavy duty turnbuckles)

Description Price
Backstay (with boomlift pennant)
Upper stay
Lower stay (heavy duty)
Backstay bridles
Complete set


BA: Black anodized aluminum

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