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Cal-20 Parts Catalog

Below is a list of Cal 20 parts that we stock. Please give us a call at 510-521-7730 for current prices.

Description Price
Aluminum bridge (BA)  
 Fastenings for bridge  
Backstay adjuster (12-1 rigging system)  
Bow tang  
 Fastenings for bow tang  
Chainplate (deck fitting, brass)  
Deck support bracket (interior right angle aluminum casting)  
Gooseneck fork (for Jensen boom, eliminates roller-reefing, HD) view photo  
Gooseneck slide casting (for Jensen boom, HD, BA) view photo  
Gooseneck tack fitting (for Jensen boom,, boom end casting, BA)  
Gooseneck toggle (for Jensen boom, stainless steel) view photo  
Gooseneck assembly (for Sparcraft boom, 3-piece, complete) view photo  
Gunnel rubber view details  
Gunnel rubber end cap (black nylon)  
Jumper adjuster (threaded aluminum rod and nut, BA)  
Jumper cross bar  
Jumper fitting (for Jensen mast, aluminum casting, BA) view photo  
Jumper strut (each pc.)  
Keel bolts, nuts, and washers (316 stainless steel, set of 8)  
Lifting eyes  
Lifting sling  
Mast head (for Jensen mast, less pins and sheaves, BA) view photo  
Mast head sheaves (Delrin)  
Mast step (for Jensen mast) 2 pc. hinged casting, BA) view photo  
Mast step (for Jensen mast) tabernacle with mast step plate view photo  
Mast step, rocking (for Jensen mast) tabernacle with mast step plate) view photo  
  Mast reinforcement tube - a must when using rocking mast step  
Mast step (for Sparcraft mast) tabernacle with mast step plate view photo  
Mast single Tang  
Mast double Tang  
Outboard well bottoms (fiberglass) view photo  
Outboard well top (varnished wood w/o cleat)  
Outboard well top (varnished wood with cleat) view photo  
Rudder (fiberglass with white gelcoat finish)view photo  
Rudder pintle and gudgeon set (short pintles, 2 ea., stainless steel)  
Rudder pintle and gudgeon set (long pintles, 2 ea., stainless steel)  
Spreader tip (non-corroding Delrin)  
Spreader brackets (complete set , with compression tube, HD)  
Tiller cheeks (set, anodized aluminum)  
Transom trim molding (aluminum)  
Windows (pair, white high-impact plastic frames. Clear, gray-green or bronze tint)  

Standing Rigging

Description Price Price w/ Turnbuckle
Backstay ( 1/8 " wire, with boomlift pennant, HD)
Adjustable backstay (for use with backstay adjuster, with boomlift pennant)
Upper stay
Lower stay (fwd. or aft)
Adjustable jumper stay (with turnbuckles)

Turnbuckle Parts

Description Price
Jaw (lefthand thread)
Locknut (lefthand thread)
Locknut (righthand thread)

Note: Hull numbers are approximate
Sparcraft mast: 3" x 4" (hull #70-340)
Sparcraft boom: 2 3/8" x 3" (hull #70-340)
Jensen mast : 2 5/8" x 4" (hull #1-70 and #340 and higher)
Jensen boom: 2 3/8" x 3 1/2" (hull #340 and higher)
BA: Black anodized aluminum
HD: Heavy duty or improved over original part

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